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Spring Trends for the Non-Trendy

Posted on 01 February 2017

We all like to look like we're "in fashion," but few of us have time to chase every new (and, let's face it, sometimes over-the-top) fad. That's why MINK carries pieces that give a nod toward current trends but are also firmly rooted in classic style, making them ultimately wearable for several seasons.

Here are my top spring 2017 trends for the non-trendy shopper:

Color is back!Color - Finally it's back! Personally, I'm thrilled. If you've kept your eye on the Carla Mink line, you know that I love color and I always design with it in mind. In early spring you'll see seaworthy blues and navies. They'll be balanced by bright whites, subtle creams, tawny yellows and grassy greens. If you're a lover of color too, make sure to pick ones that flatter your complexion. Blonde or natural gray hair looks fabulous in cool shades like blue, bright white, navy and green. Dark hair and a warm complexion go with yellows, creams, grays and tans.




Yep, this regretful trend is sticking around. As a true believer in fashion, this disappoints me. As a mom, it thrills me. You might be having a lot of the same feelings about this trend. Love it or hate it, it sure is comfy! How to elevate it? Put a cute mini over your leggings! We make the Minnie just for this reason. A stretchy mini over leggings looks put together, is just as comfy, and you don't have to worry about shirts that cover your butt. It will open up your wardrobe to so many possibilities again!


Flowy and Blowy

Woven textiles with great drape are in style, big time! Buy into this trend, ladies! It's super-flattering. All your lumps and bumps are masked under a well-draped blouse or dress. We are seeing colorful, well-designed tank tops that are meant to be layered with a cardigan in winter and worn solo once the temps go up. 


In general, denim and denim's best friend, the twill pant, are still sporting skinny or straight legs. When buying denim, look for a contrast cuff so you can participate in the rolled-ankle-cuff-trend. 'Cause cute sneakers and ankle boots with cutouts are still going strong.
Need help with your wardrobe? We specialize in styling and creating perfect capsule collections (all the tops and all the bottoms pair together so you get the most out of your purchases). And if you want to work specifically with Carla or Rachel email either one of us. We do specialty appts during the week. Reach us at carla@shopmink.com or rachel@shopmink.com
Dare to look fabulous!


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