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Rachel's Street Style: Vacation Capsule Collection

Posted on 16 January 2018

When I was younger I played around with the idea of buying a few key staples pieces and interchanging them to make multiple outfits. At the time, I knew nothing about capsule wardrobes. All I knew was that I was just broke yet liked nice clothes so, I would invest in items that I could interchange with each other and still look fab. Fast forward to today and this skill is one of my go-to tricks as a personal stylist.

If you've never heard of a capsule collection, it's a collection of clothing (pants, shirts, skirts, blouses, etc.,) that all "go together" and can be mixed and matched to make multiple outfits. The idea is that by having a capsule collection you can get the most out of your wardrobe and purge your closet by only keeping items you truly love. Not to mention you save money. 

Now that the holidays are over it's the perfect time to leave the rain and gray skies behind and head to a sunnier destination. For today's RSS I put together a super-concise capsule featuring our house line,  Carla Mink. This is the perfect capsule for a weekend getaway and, it would all fit in weekender bag or small duffel.

If you’ve shopped with me before you know that whenever creating a capsule wardrobe I always start with denim. Generally, I like to have 2 foundation pieces to build off of: a pair of jeans and a dress. For this vacation capsule, my foundation pieces are the newest Billy Funnel Dress from Carla Mink Designs and Principle Denim’s “The Ultra” straight-leg jean.


I love that this Billy is a solid neutral. It really gives me a lot of room to play with colors and prints. Most people this time of year aren’t looking for short sleeves, but as a native Oregonian, I was born with the urge TO LAYER; which means I need an assortment of sleeve lengths in my closet. I love something you can throw OVER the dress, like this 3 Dots cream colored cardigan or check out how this Elena Sweater totally transforms this dress! Cool huh? Not to mention you can always wear the sweater alone with the jeans.

The same is true with The Alexis Wrap top. Wear it with the jeans and a cardigan. Or throw the Billy Funnel Neck over it and create a whole new look for the dress!

Aesthetically I like my capsule to have the same color story like this capsule is blues, whites/creams and black. But I also like to toss in the occasional pop color. In this instance, my orange-y shoes are my pop!

Ready for vaca yet? We’re ready to help!


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  • Judy Strand: January 20, 2018

    Great blog and photos are stunning! Judy

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