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Rachel Street Style, Volume 5

Posted on 30 June 2017

Over time, you spend a lot of money on clothes. And if the quality is excellent, then you'll keep the best items for years and years to come.

But what do you do with items that no longer fit your everyday lifestyle, and you just can't bring yourself to retire them?

In this volume of Rachel, Street Style I work with longtime Mink customer, Marianne to transition her formal business attire into a casual, everyday wardrobe.


How to integrate business clothes into our everyday wardrobe


The nutshell version of this solution is to create a juxtaposition with each outfit. For instance, take a fancy/conservative top and pair it with something casual. It's really that simple.


Marianne's Look #1

We paired a suit skirt of Marianne's with the new colorful Jodi Top by Carla Mink, and an Amelia denim jacket.

(Sidenote : If you know anything about me, it's that I love a denim jacket. You can literally. Pair it. With anything.)

The denim jacket in this case immediately "dresses down" the formal/conservative vibe of the skirt. The cherry on top is a piece of "edgier" jewelry. Who would ever know that this skirt was originally meant for a formal business environment? NOBODY, that's who.

outfit inspiration by rachel, street style

special guest marianne being style by rachel

Rachel's Look #1

These sunny days are putting a spring in my step. My Erin Blouse by Carla Mink is my go-to breezy top to pair with a skirt, but today I dressed it down with my trusty Paige Hoxton jeans and am really happy with the results. So comfortable and feminine and fluttery!


Marianne's favorite orange blouse

It's silk. It's a perfect color for her skin tone.  Did I mention it's silk? There are a lot of reasons to keep this blouse that Marianne originally purchased to wear to work. So I set out to "repurpose" it into a fresh, casual new outfit.

To start, I paired the blouse with a classic denim skirt, but I found that only brought it 'down' to a business-casual level. So, in order to make the silk blouse feel even more "everyday" I styled it with the new Nic + Zoe City Slicker Pant, and then cuffed the bottom of the pants.

Marianne's Look #2:

Next, as a big surprise for everyone, I decided to add the finishing touch of, you guessed it, a denim jacket. (Look, I own four denim jackets for a reason, people. They're invaluable! Be like me and invest in a black one, a white one, and a couple different blue denim washes.)


Opposite! Dressing Up a Casual Top

Finally, I decided to change it up and reverse my approach for this last look. The new striped version of the Emma Sleeveless Top just hit the shop floor last weekend, and I snagged one of those bad boys the very same day. So far, I've styled that striped top pretty casually so today I'll try the opposite. The challenge, of course, is to "dress up" a black-and-white striped sleeveless top. 

Challenge accepted.

Paired with the new Hazel Skirt in Navy, and finished off with an ADA belt, you can color me semi-formal. The hazel skirt makes me feel secure and sleek in all my curviness, and the camel tone of the belt works perfectly with summer sandals.

Rachel's Look #2:


Pair this same outfit with a black blazer and tall black boots. Change out the belt to complement your boots and you've got your new favorite work outfit for Fall 2017. You're welcome.


Street Style Wrap Up

Below you'll find a couple more examples of how you can really dress down your work separates. This super-classy red blouse looks great juxtaposed with these Catherine Boyfriend jeans.


Professional pencil skirts are easy to transform. Add a top with a touch of rock & roll, like this Carla Mink Emma Top in Galaxy print. With a long, mixed-metal leather necklace the look is complete, except one last thing. I'm not going to say it. You already know what it is.



I hope that these suggestions will help you to take some of your dressier items and get more use from them in your everyday outfits. If you have any questions about this volume of Rachel Street Style, or if you have suggestions for future volumes, I'd love to hear from you! Click here to send me a quick email. 

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