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If You Must Athleisure Do's and Don'ts

Posted on 16 September 2016

Athleisure- I know we all want to be comfortable - who doesn't like rolling out in a pair of stretchy pants? It feels divine. Here's the issue: wearing head to toe athletic gear outside of the gym is akin to wearing your pajamas out of the house. You can do it, but let's follow some rules, and do it right. 


Do wear a fun, fashionable tunic with your stretchy pants! People will focus on your top and the bottoms will just kinda fade into the background. The top below would be perfect paired with workout pants.

Or This:

Do wear boots over your stretchy pants. This will change the perception of your pants from gym-wear to fashionable leggings. 

Do spend a little time on your hair and makeup. Ponytails are popular, but wearing your hair down really sends the message that the gym is not on your agenda, at least in the moment.



Don't wear workout gear from head to toe. No one needs to see that much spandex at once. At the gym fine, at the mall, no way!

Don't wear a boxy sweatshirt with workout pants. Just no. Too casual.

Don't wear sneakers with stretch pants unless you're going for a hike

Don't wear a workout top with jeans. Workout tops need to be left at the gym unless it's so stylish you were surprised to find it at a workout shop to begin with. 

Don't wear a ponytail or messy bun. 

My favorite DO is to ditch athleisure altogether. I'm not calling you lazy, but this trend is for the lazy dresser. Get dressed in the morning! I promise if you put an outfit on that makes you feel beautiful, you'll beam beauty. A great outfit can build confidence, self esteem and really help make your day better.




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