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How to Stay Stylish and Shop for Clothes While Losing Weight

Posted on 08 January 2018


You've decided to lose weight and work on becoming a healthier you, congratulations! While losing weight is an amazing accomplishment, it can also make getting dressed each morning feel totally uncomfortable. As your body transitions, your clothes may start to look baggy in weird places and no longer flatter you. Should you buy new clothes while losing weight? Absolutely! 

Just because you're working towards a healthier you doesn't mean you can't shop for clothes in the meantime! When you look good you feel good and for many of us, our clothes help determine our mood.  Flattering clothes can give you a boost of confidence and help you go through the day with a pep in our step. When you don’t have clothes that fit it can really affect your confidence and make the process of losing weigh unenjoyable, especially if you already struggle with body acceptance. 

While buying clothes and losing weight can be a challenge, here are five tips that will keep you looking good during your weight loss journey without wasting money. 

5 Tips for Buying Clothes While Losing Weight 

01. Buy pieces that stretch. 
Clothes that stretch and contour to your body are great for losing weight and will be your BFF as you transition. Not only will they conform to your body now but they'll also adjust to your body as it changes. 

02. Add a Belt.
You know all those dresses and tunics in your closet that are baggy now that you've started to lose weight? Add a belt! Not only does adding a belt slim your waist but it also transforms old pieces into something new. 

03. Go for the Wrap. 
Wrap dresses and tops are great for losing weight because you can adjust them to fit your changing body. They're also extremely forgiving as your body fluctuates. 

04. Invest Quality Pieces That Can Be Tailored
Resist the urge to buy cheap clothes that don't fit well to begin with, simply for the sake of getting something new. Feeling good in your clothes is just as important as looking good. As your body transitions, invest in quality great fitting pieces that you can have tailored later on down the road. 

05. Invest in great fitting jeans.
At every size, you should always invest in a great pair of jeans. A great pair of jeans is a key ingredient to creating numerous stylish outfits. Again, go for jeans with a bit of stretch that will adjust with you. 

 Do you have any go-to styles for losing weight and still looking great? Join the conversation and comment below! 

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