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Linen the Natural Super-Fabric!

Posted on 01 June 2016

Here at Mink, we like our materials to be top-notch, and our latest obsession is linen. Linen is a fiber derived of flax and is the fabric you should be wearing in the summer, especially as the temps continue to climb here in the PNW--here's why:
Linen is extremely absorbent and treasured for its ability to wick moisture and keep you cool. It can soak up 1/5 of its weight in water without feeling damp on the skin. It also features what is called high-air-permeability, a fancy way of saying that it's SUPER breathable. 
Image courtesy of Cordwainers Garden
This is what linen looks like at its most raw. This is the beginning of the straightening and carding process. Image courtesy of Cordwainers Garden. 
 Linen is an excellent conductor of heat, meaning it will feel cool to the touch in the summertime because it allows heat to escape quickly (due it its high-air-permeability). Another awesome summer feature is linen reduces solar radiation by almost half, naturally protecting your skin from the sun! 
Because Carla's a fabric geek and has been dying to work with this super-fabric you'll notice our house line is linen heavy this season!
The Maria Tunic by Carla Mink, 100% linen, made in Portland, OR $148. This baby is already a favorite and features gorgeous panels of crochet lace at the sleeves and the hem. It comes in a natural cream tone typical of linen.
In case you needed any more reasons to add linen pieces to your warm-weather wardrobe, it's one of the most durable textiles around.  It's 2-3 times stronger than cotton, and due to its lengthy fibers, it really holds its integrity and will carry you through many washes (which also softens the fabric).
The Macie top by Carla Mink is 100% linen and features adorable side slits and chic front pockets. Available in-store and online soon. $138
The Mary dress ($198) comes in a neutral grey and a cream with a subtle pin stripe. We love the oh-so-chic minimalist cut with a tasteful pleat down the middle to enhance the shape. The back is super flattering with two more pleats near the waist to create slim lines and definition. This piece's crowning glory are godets that create architectural angles along the sides perfectly hiding useful pockets! 
You don't need fancy fiber-wicking SPF enhanced tech clothing. Go natural, get linen. 

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