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Posted on 27 April 2016

So I've been at home a lot lately with my new baby. It's hard because Mink is my first baby, and it's hard to be away.

Baby Cece:

The good thing about having distance, is the distance itself. Not only do I get to bond with my new little one, but I get perspective that I would never have working in the store day in and day out. While I was on leave I threw a party for my toddler (she just turned 2), and along with cupcakes and juice I wanted to provide the adults with nice adult beverages.

Toddler Iyla:

We all love good bubbles, who doesn't? So, I called Mt. Tabor Fine Wines and talked to the owner Sandy. I told him my price range and asked if he would put together a 6 pack of bubbles. I honestly didn't know anything about what he picked, but they all tasted amazing and I got so many compliments! He made me look like I knew a lot about wine and that I had great  taste! 

Mt Tabor Fine Wines street view:

That transaction made me reflect about what we do here. We offer the same service here, but of course with clothing. We make you look your best! We don't just tell you something looks good for a sale; we full on style you and only sell you what looks good and what works for your wardrobe. I guess that's why it's so great to shop small. You will never get that level of service from shopping online or in a major retailer who only care about the bottom line. Us locals have your back!

Head to toe styling is what we do! 


I'm back to work now, working Mondays -Wednesdays to start. Come and say hey, and if you're lucky the baby may be visiting :)



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  • Laura: April 28, 2016

    Hi Carla,Iloved the picture of Iyla in the hat!!Wish l could visit. See you soon. Good luck with back to work!

  • Aunt Marsha: April 27, 2016

    I want to stop playing in! Darn.


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